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The early days

I've always been interested in cars and how they work. Hence, I've been involved in the motor trade from a very young age — dismantling cars and rebuilding them while still at school.

My apprenticeship term was carried out at a small workshop in Wandsworth then relocating to Chelsea specialising solely in 'super-cars'. I worked as part of a small team on Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis; as well as the odd xj220, Mclaren, and Bugatti.

That garage was a great place to work, and I learnt many skills and techniques from one of the best in his field. My confidence and understanding of cars grew tremendously.

Unfortunately, the business closed and I was forced to face reality. I subsequently moved on to work for Audi at their main dealers in both Battersea, and Epsom.

Finally, the opportunity came to work on Mercedes-Benz, which I accepted with great joy, seeing as I’ve always admired the brand and its innovation. I was trained and employed by Mercedes-Benz, until I branched out on my own in 2006.


A unique service

I’m a true enthusiast, and with my skill set I can offer something very different to Mercedes owners that dealers cannot — affordability combined with honest, trustworthy service at a highly skilled, professional level.

Customers are welcome to watch me work, and to ask questions whilst I fix their Mercedes. I have nothing to hide. However, please bear in mind that some situations like ‘fault finding’ will require my undivided attention and total concentration.

I choose not to operate within a conventional garage service; being based in a premises where customers drop cars off and collect when ready. I’ve always wanted to be different; hence I offer a unique service that is new and affordable — after having strived over the years to perfect my plan of working with my customers at their own locations.

I aim to serve my customers right the first time; meeting my goals, and reinforcing my reputation.

I don’t want to grow so big that my priorities become lost and I no longer find enjoyment in my work. I like to spend time on a job ‘clear headed’, with little pressure, because things don’t always go as planned when working with cars.


Mobile workshop

My mobile workshop is equipped with all that a dealership workshop has, but on a smaller scale; tools, parts, diagnostic equipment, and of course ‘product knowledge’, in the form of myself. I can implement pretty much any service on a modern Mercedes, whether it's a routine service or fault rectification.

I’m fully equipped to deal with any weather conditions and I travel with my own supplies, which include an electric mains supply, water, lighting, air, and overhead cover.

You’ll find no trace of my work in the form of oil or mess left on driveways; I’m highly professional, and I believe that cleanliness whilst working reflects well with regards to the care that I take to extend excellent Customer Service. I’m certainly a far cry from the stereotypical ‘grease monkey’ mechanic who grovels around with grubby hands and dirty overalls.

I much prefer to work away from the street or roadside, off street parking is an ideal scene to work within, however, this is not essential.


Simply fill in the form and we'll call you back...


Product knowledge

Cars have become somewhat specialised in maintenance and repairs; with their ever-growing technically complex systems.

As with any other manufacturer, ‘product knowledge’ is key to the maintenance of a Mercedes-Benz. Some models have recurring faults that need to be identified straight away. If these faults are ignored, in all likelihood they’ll cause additional problems later, which can include jeopardizing personal safety; and thus these cars become increasingly expensive to repair.

Many garages who aren’t adequately familiar with the brand can play ‘guessing games’, which results in your spending excessive amounts of money for their mistakes and education. You’re subsequently left with the same problem, but less money in your pocket.


 Please forward a CV + an introduction letter. 

              Opportunities are available.


If you have a question please get in touch...

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