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Mercedes cars are very complex machines; they all have number sensors that continually monitor the various systems on a vehicle.

These sensors continually report back to the ECUs for different systems on how everything is performing.

In the event that a fault occurs, an instrument panel light may or may not give indication that there's a problem; however, a ‘fault code’ will surely be logged in the ECU. These fault codes, along with other Mercedes ECUs on the vehicle, can only be efficiently read with a 'Mercedes Star Machine'.

The Star Machine that I use is directly from Mercedes-Benz. It analyses the car’s entire electronic system step-by-step, and it receives regular updates of any newly released technical data. Once this analysis has been completed, I can then process it, and methodically carry out various tests in order to pinpoint exactly where the fault lies.

"Enjoyed listening to his explanations of my faults on the car - very intelligent and interesting man."

The results I find are timed and dated; they will then be printed, and you'll receive a copy of my findings upon completion — to keep for your own

personal reference.

Customer’s complaints with their vehicles will not always log a fault (it’s not a case of plugging in a computer and then having the machine tell you what’s wrong — as some people think); however, when you have a


complaint related to a specific area with your Mercedes, it is absolutely key to have access to specialised product knowledge of the brand in order to efficiently carry out further testing. With the customer’s authorisation, the fault can then be pinpointed and rectified.

"Very conscientious approach, Paul even waived his fee for some work he did over and above his quoted price."

My workshop carries a wide range of stock onboard (and at my base) for the larger, more expensive parts.

I carry a wide range of the most commonly problematic parts; which has taken some time to build up. If I happen to have the required part onboard in your specific situation, a second appointment will generally not be necessary. In the event that the part has to be ordered or collected, then another appointment may have to be scheduled.

Lastly, when I work I don’t ever guess what’s wrong. I like to be certain; especially when considering the price of parts, and the 'no returns' policy of all electrical items. I personally can’t afford to guess — it’s my reputation on the line.

Some mechanics do guess and guess, and they eventually do fix the problem, but in those cases ‘you’, the customer, will end up paying for their ‘round the houses’ technique.

In some cases you’ll even be left with the same problem. 

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