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Mercedes-Benz vehicles are highly desirable cars, however, with the exception of a few classic models, they do depreciate quite drastically from what they were worth when new; and for this reason they become very affordable second-hand to those who have always desired one.  

The fact of the matter is that it’s the nature of all cars to depreciate regardless of service history, condition, mileage, and number of owners. 

Cars are ultimately priced with reference to a ‘book price’, which states the approximate guide price in both a trade and private valuation. 

"Prompt, friendly, clear, sensible and sound advice. So glad I decided to get an inspection before buying."

When Mercedes vehicles go wrong — like all cars do at some stage, the primary difference is that they can be quite costly in repairs as compared to other makes.

The reason is primarily because in order to work on these complex vehicles, specialists with access to specialist equipment and product knowledge are required.

Then there’s the extortionate cost of the parts for these cars, which are only sold by Mercedes-Benz, and which surprisingly creep up in price

year after year.

Finally, to fit some of these parts, they need coding or adapting which can only be done with a Mercedes diagnostic tool and specialist know how.

So you have really two options: the main dealers, or the independent Mercedes specialists.

Now the question is… do you buy from the trade? If so, you'll receive a warranty, and they'll possibly take a part exchange. It’s a relatively hassle free option — but it will be overly expensive!


Should you buy privately? With this option, there’s generally more leeway on offers and price negotiations, as the seller is normally eager to do business. You can source better cars at a bargain; however, the obvious caveat is the lack of a warranty.

Some people are scared to buy a vehicle privately; just in case it’s riddled
with problems. Others jump straight in and buy; and bear the brunt of their actions, later on.

My service is aimed at people who want to be a bit more cautious when buying a Mercedes-Benz for better value; by sourcing the good ones.

The extensive knowledge that I hold is a key competitive advantage in sourcing and purchasing a used Mercedes; preferably on the private market.

I do provide a service in which I’ll source a particular Mercedes model and then inspect it for you; or, alternatively, I can inspect a vehicle that you yourself have found.


"His knowledge was excellent and I am already recommending his service to friends and colleagues." 

Excluding drive time, this service will take approximately two hours from start to finish — including negotiations.

Arriving at the destination of the seller, I conduct a full check of the vehicle, both electrically and mechanically, and I can subsequently negotiate the price on your behalf.

I know the Mercedes product inside and out, so you will not be disappointed — you'll end up with a great car, purchased at a great price.
It’s not something that I’m involved with on a daily basis; however, on occasion I do buy and sell Mercedes vehicles, or happen to be aware of cars 
being sold by customers. 

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