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In the unfortunate event of a breakdown on the roadside or at your home / workplace; remember, I'm here to help make the situation as painless and affordable as possible.

When you are in a SAFE location in a breakdown situation, feel free to call me and I’ll endeavour to assist over the telephone; providing appropriate advice.

I always advise my customers to have some sort of alternative emergency breakdown assistance other than myself — such as AA / RAC. This offers you an escape if you happen to be stranded beyond my locality, or if the situation arises that I’m occupied with another customer.

"Good job done, very accurate in finding the problem and always explaining what was doing. Very good professional."

I can normally provide local breakdown assistance; including a flat tow under ten miles, as well as advice over the telephone.

If your trouble is a relatively simple problem, the AA / RAC are usually quite capable; however, sometimes your difficulties may be beyond the scope of what these service providers are equipped with to diagnose the problem. Additionally, these people may not have brand or model-specific know-how as pertinent to repairing various Mercedes vehicles.


I may also be able to assist the AA/RAC patrols over the telephone if need be and with modern technology they can be my eyes and ears and hands come to think of it.


Please remember there is always the option of being recovered straight to your home address, where you can then call on my assistance to come out and take over.

"Paul was really helpful and managed to fix the problem at a reasonable price and I have since used him again."


"IT IS BEST PRACTICE TO ALWAYS USE GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ PARTS WHEREVER POSSIBLE — including vehicle batteries". Batteries on Mercedes vehicles are required to be a specific rating; they’re the heart of the electrical system, so they need to be the exact rating specified by Mercedes-Benz. 

'MobiloLife' is a roadside assistance program from 'Mercedes-Benz'; managed and organised by 'Allianz Global Assistance'. 

Follow this link for more information regarding MobiloLife.

This service is free when your vehicle is 'serviced' by Mercedes-Benz – it’s a SERVICING REQUIREMENT ONLY – NOT FOR REPAIRS.

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