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I personally carry out all aspects of the Mercedes Service on-site, adhering to the correct Mercedes-Benz workshop procedures.


Initially I start by inspecting the vehicle for safety and legality before a short, mandatory, road test — ideally with the customer in the vehicle.


This will highlight the vehicle’s current condition, and it also tests the vehicle through all the stages of warming up — in addition to simultaneously warming up any oils that need to be drained during the service; thus making drainage more efficient.

Whilst a Service is being performed, a full inspection of the vehicle will also be conducted, and an itemised copy of the result, along with an estimate of the work required will be issued with the invoice upon completion.


A Mercedes Star test will also be carried out, the results of the initial test will be stored and saved for reference which the customer can obtain a copy at any time.

"Absolutely brilliant fixed in no time would highly recommend."

The service reminder on the instrument panel will be reset until the next service is due, and the vehicle's Service booklet is stamped.


In cases of newer vehicles that don’t have service booklets but are logged online at the DSB platform. Its also a good idea to have a duplicate service booklet so you have a back up hard copy of your vehicle’s service history.

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The Mercedes Service generally takes approximately three hours; depending on what service is required.


Upon completion I will go through and can point out any defects that have been found, along with pictures that I take in the process for the areas which are not so easy to show. (These photographs can be forwarded by email upon request.)

"Excellent service and knowledge of the car. Highly recommended"


Any extra work required (depending on parts available at the time, and the authorisation for completion of this work) will typically have to be rescheduled. Parts will subsequently be ordered from the main dealer and collected by me, personally; to be used upon my return to repair the vehicle. 

BER is a law enabling non-Mercedes-Benz personnel to work on vehicles that are currently in the warranty period, without invalidating it.

Follow this link for more information on the "Block Exemption Rule" — BER ( In order to confirm that these guidelines have been adhered to, all genuine parts, along with their Mercedes-Benz part numbers, are itemised on the final invoice.

In case a problem ever arises at a later date, I retain all used parts from every car that I work on at my workshop. 

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